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Designed for Localised Treatments
The N-LINEt is the perfect addition to a photothera¬py cabin.


Designed for Localised Treatments
The N-LINEt is the perfect addition to a photothera¬py cabin.

The N-LINEt is designed for the individual treatment of hands and feet. The panels allow a precise and gentle irradiation of each area. The therapy is short¬er and easier for patients.
All four lamp groups are equipped with independent UV sensors that monitor and adjust the irradiation.
An easy-to-use microcontroller allows to input the dosage in J / cm². The device automatically calculates the therapy time.
For the treatment of the knees and shins, the bottom panels can be arranged vertically. The orientation is automatically detected and taken into account during treatment time calculations.
The closed frame of the N-LINEt protects patients and staff against scattered radiation.
The device is equipped with a total of 36 low-pres¬sure lamps for homogeneous light distribution. The arrangement compensates the typical radiation loss at the ends of larger lamps.
The space requirements make the unit ideal for any treatment room. The N-LINEt can easily be moved between treatment rooms.
The ergonomic design supports a healthy and com¬fortable posture during the treatment.
All features are already included in the base price. Including: dynamic dosimetry and all four treatment panels.

For a safe and precise dose application, the device is equipped with a dosimetry, which continuously measures the UV output of each individual lamp group and calculates the irradiation time in real time.
To avoid unintentionally high dose inputs, corres¬ponding dose limits are preset.
Thanks to the special design of the N-LINEt, patients and staff are optimally protected against scattered radiation. Therefore, the modules of the N-LINEt are not mounted in an open frame, but have a largely closed design.

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